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We have covered candidates’, elected officials, Presidential/Gubernatorial Inaugurations’,  elections,   famous and infamous people,  fishing trips and tournaments, hunting/sporting events, boating, sailing, water sports, flying , clubs, meetings, restaurants, bars , clubs private and public, weddings receptions, church related events, celebrities,  business, showrooms, stores, realestate, sunrises, sunsets, cruises, family reunions, get-to-gathers, Mothers/Fathers, Day christenings, proposals, vacations, parades, tournaments,   and every type of  show you can think of and a lot of golf. If it’s people, places or things and especially families we have probably covered it. 

Deal 1. We come take your pictures, upload your professional quality photos to the internet you can use them anyway you like.  Facebook, Twitter, your website. Just $100.

Deal 2. We come take your pictures, upload your professional quality photos to the internet you can use them anyway you like.  Facebook, Twitter, your website.  We design and host your very own private page for 1 year Just $200.  You may add subsequent events @ $100 each.

We travel to your event within a * 20 mile radius from Kemah, TX. The first shoot is $200. That's $100 to design and host your page for 1 year and $100 to come take pictures of your event and make your online album. Subsequent events are $100 each + mileage if applicable and an hourly rate if over 2 hrs.  After 1 year you will be  invoiced $100/year to keep the page hosted.

We do some work on the pictures before we post them and only a low resolution version is posted. (Looks really good online but does not print very well) If you want to buy prints we release the high resolution version to you at a fair market price. ($5, 8 & 10 each). 4X5-5X7-8X10
*  21+ miles I charge  $I.65/mile + tolls and after 2 hours a per hr rate of  100.00/hr..
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“There is no need for us to be tentative about stating our requirement for a deposit before we begin working for the client. We simply say, ‘We’ll get started as soon as we receive the deposit, as is our policy for all new clients.’ “We need not apologize for being responsible business people. Never again should we find ourselves attempting to clarify issues of payment after we have begun working on the engagement. This is the simplest of business tests, one for which there is no longer any excuse to fail: for all new clients, we will be paid in advance.”

Contact me via this email link  I will get back with you..

Member: Society of Professional Photojournalist -
               National Press Photographers Association.

My pictures have won prizes and appeared in publications too numerous to add here.

We are Contributors to  -- Galveston County Daily News - Houston Chronicle - CNN -
Your Houston News - AOL- Houston Community Newspapers

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