Beginning with pirate Jean
                                    Lafitte’s buried treasure and band
                                    of merry makers through the unending
                                    days and nights of the illegal
                                    gambling in the 40's, 50's and 60's,
                                    nightlife in Kemah, Texas continues
                                    to be legend! From the Family
                                    Friendly Boardwalk to the Age
                                    appropriate Lighthouse District you
                                    will find something for all ages and
                                    families too. Kemah after hours,
                                    Nightlife , Happy Hour , Hot Spots,
                                    Eat, Drink, Play and Stay in Kemah.
                                    Enjoy Bars, Grills, Pubs, Cafes,
                                    Bistros and a Backyard. So what are
                                    you waiting for? Come on down and
                                    have a great time!

Mark you Calendars Kemah
                                Boardwalk Spring Break Celebration -
                                Kemah Elk's Spring BBQ Cook-Off St.
                                Patrick's Day is Thursday March 17th -
                                Easter weekend is March 25-27th. Kemah
                                Boardwalk , Kemah Lighthouse District
                                & Kemah Elks Lodge have Tons of
                                Spring Break fun planed for you! Live
                                entertainment & fun for everyone.


March 18-19 Kemah’s Elk
                                        Lodge B.P.O.E. No. 2322 will be
                                        holding the annual Spring BBQ
                                        cook-off to benefit the Elk’s
                                        programs and charities. So have
                                        fun with vendors, BBQ, drinks
                                        and beer, a silent auction and
                                        live entertainment, all for a
                                        good cause! You do not need to
                                        be a member of the Elk’s Lodge
                                        to enter your team. For more
                                        info call 713-829-2199 or visit

                                    Kemah Boardwalk has Easter Weekend –
                                    Decorate Easter egg cookies,
                                    pictures with the Easter Bunny &
                                    our Bunny Hop egg hunt (kids 8 &
                                    under) Easter Sunday the 27th is the
                                    annual SONrise Service – a
                                    Non-denominational sunrise service
                                    at 7:30am and waterfront sunrise.

May 1st Blessing of the Fleet @ Kemah
VIDEO @ Kemah Boardwalk



Spend the night
                                                  in Kemah, spend the
                                                  night with us!
Kemah.Net, It's all about
                                        that place..Kemah, Texas
ACCOMMODATIONS TIP: If you are visiting Kemah, Texas  try to make your reservations months in advance of big events. Don’t come to the city thinking you will get a hotel when you get here–you’ll be sleeping in your car,  not recommended, not to mention rather uncomfortable. Click on the  Kemah Hotels link and check them 1st. Click on any of these  Nearby towns hotels 2nd: Seabrook, League City, La Porte, Johnson Space Center. or Webster. Click on any of  these 3rd. Texas CityGalvestonPasadena or Pearland these cities are between 10-20  miles away, but rooms usually are available.  Book here online now

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Kemah, Texas

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